X Factor 2012: Tulisa discusses her first meeting with Simon Cowell in new book

Tulisa (The X Factor 2012)

X Factor 2012 judge Tulisa reveals how she got her job on the show in her new autobiography.

The N-Dubz star replaced Cheryl Cole on The X Factor in 2009, and reveals how she was flown out to LA to chat with boss Simon Cowell about joining the panel.

Tulisa reveals in her book: "Before I left London for the meeting, I had a T-shirt made – a white V-neck, Simon’s signature look – and on it I had printed a picture of the man himself with the words ‘THE MALE BOSS’ emblazoned across it."

She goes on: "I wanted him to see how cheeky I was. It was a big part of my character and had often stood me in good stead."

Tulisa claims that she sold herself like a candidate on The Apprentice, saying: "I decided to leave Simon in no doubt as to what an asset I would be to the show, and why I was perfect for the job, and while I chattered away, he took out a cigarette and started puffing. "

She explains: "I said, ‘and I like to say what I think – as you know – but I’m also emotional. Now that you’re not going to be on the judging panel anymore, who’s gonna be the judge to tell people that they’re rubbish when they are?

"Now that Cheryl’s gone, who’s gonna be the judge that brings the emotional edge to the panel? The one who will really react to a beautiful performance that moves them. I’m both of those judges,’ I told him, ‘and with the pair of you gone, you’re gonna bloody need that.’"

Tulisa's autobiography, Honest: My Story So Far, is out this month.

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