X Factor 2012: Robbie Hance reveals battle for food with bosses!

Robbie Hance (X Factor 2012)

X Factor 2012's Robbie Hance has claimed he battled with show producers for food, despite being homeless.

The 26-year-old was seen giving up on Saturday night's bootcamp episode, walking off stage mid song.

In an interview with The Sun today, Robbie said that his pleas for food were constantly turned down over fears it would show favourtism.

“I was freezing cold and malnourished. I had been sleeping in parks and building sites and living on half a sandwich a day from one of the charity centres," Robbie said. “I asked for £15 but I’d have taken anything for food. But my key worker — assigned before my first filmed audition — told me she couldn’t help because it wouldn’t be fair on the other contestants on the show.

“She said it would be favouritism. So I told her: ‘If you don’t help me now, I won’t make it to boot camp in Liverpool — I’ll be dead.’ The answer was still no.

“Every single time I asked for help the answer was the same, so I stopped asking.”

Robbie also revealed he didn't forget the words at bootcamp, but simply didn't want to go any further in the competition.

He suggested: “I am sure I only made it through to boot camp because I told the crew I was homeless. That’s all anyone ever spoke to me about.

“No matter how badly my auditions went, they kept putting me through."

Robbie continued: “In the four weeks between my audition and boot camp, my brain battered me about whether I should go back when someone else might deserve my place more.

“When I finally stepped on stage with Adam Burridge and Jake Quickenden, all I could hear was a voice telling me — ‘You don’t deserve this.’

“I knew the words of the song, but couldn’t sing them. I was sick of my stupid back story. So I walked out. But I’m sorry I let Adam and Jake down.”

A spokesperson for the show said last night: "While the contestants are in our care we enforce a fair and consistent policy on accommodation, travel and sustenance.

“The welfare of the contestants is always our priority.

“The judges decide which acts are put through to boot camp based on the strength of their performance and Robbie received four yeses.”

Watch our recent interview about Robbie's bootcamp breakdown with Jake Quickenden below!

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