X Factor's Lucy Spraggan calls in lawyers over 'copy cat' versions of her songs

Lucy Spraggan

X Factor star Lucy Spraggan has reportedly called in the lawyers after copy cat versions of her songs appeared on iTunes.

The 21-year-old wowed the judges at her audition with her own song Last Night, which shot to number two in the charts.

But bosses asked her to remove it, along with all other songs by all other finalists that had been previously released.

The popularity of Lucy's songs however has meant that others have quickly recorded their own cover versions and are now selling them online.

So called tribute tracks, with titles including Last Night I Told Ya I Love Ya (Beer Fear) and Last Night (Beer Fear) are available to download from 79p online.

And with Lucy once again wowing the judges with another original song at bootcamp, more are sure to follow.

Speaking to The Sun, Lucy moaned: “It’s disappointing to see other people making money off the back of my music.

"I just want to assure people I don’t endorse these recordings in any way and thank fans for their continued support.”

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