X Factor 2012: Nicole Scherzinger on the final six boys!


Nicole Scherzinger has given her opinion on the final six boys on The X Factor 2012.

We saw Nicole told she'd be mentoring the boys on the weekend's show, and this Saturday will see them jet out to Dubai to meet and perform for her!

On [tag]Rylan Clark[/tag], Nicole said: "Rylan, my love. I like Rylan, to me he's all spice an sparkles. I think big diva music and powerful diva anthems for him. He would definitely have his own audience."

On [tag]Nathan Fagan-Gayle[/tag]: "Nahan is great, he really came out swinging at bootcamp. He's alike a true showman, he had everyone up on their feet, he surprised us, and did something different, I was really impressed with him. He really deserves to be in there."

On [tag]Adam Burridge[/tag]: "Adam is supercool, I wasn't there for his first audition so I'm only going on bootcamp. He's a real artist in his own right, he's a guitar player, singer-songwriter. I think he's worked hard enough to be here."

On [tag]Jahmene Douglas[/tag]: "Jahmene, bless him. I had to have a talk with Jahmene, he wasn't even gong on stage, he's got an unbelievable voice. I think he needs a lot of support and love, and I'm definitely ready to give it to him."

On [tag]Jake Quickenden[/tag]:"Jake was crying when he got through, he's niche this the ladies, he just needs to work on that, that's his audience and we need to pick the right songs for him to give him the confidence to feel natural on stage."

On [tag]James Arthur[/tag]: "James Arthur, he's got a brilliant voice, he's a real artist."

See which of the six make the live shows when The X Factor continues this weekend!

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