X Factor 2012: Ofcom to investigate Alison Brunton and Lorna Bliss auditions

Alison Brunton

Ofcom has announced that it will investigate two auditions from The X Factor 2012.

The telly watchdog will act after complaints from viewers about Alison Brunton and Lorna Bliss' try outs from this year's series.

Lorna Bliss performed a Britney Spears track in a revealing outfit for the judges, giving Louis Walsh a lap dance of sorts before chasing Gary Barlow around the arena.

Ofcom previously cleared ITV1 after Lorna gave a similar performance on the Britain's Got Talent auditions back in 2010.

Ofcom also received 35 complaints about Alison Brunton's audition, with saw the mum of two bring her children along to her audition in Scotland.

Alison was seen performing a shockingly bad version of Lady GaGa's Edge Of Glory, to the embarrassment of her children backstage.

Ofcom will be looking at whether the audition and ITV's actions were within the rules relating to under 18-year-olds appearing in TV shows.

A spokesperson for ITV1 commented today: "The X Factor does not include child contestants but takes the welfare of any children featured in the show very seriously. "

They added: "It is a well-established format and contestants regularly bring along their family to support them as Alison did. Footage of family members is only used when appropriate consent has been obtained."

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