X Factor 2012: Lucy Spraggan 'proud' to have helped others come out

Lucy Spraggan (X Factor 2012)

Lucy Spraggan has said she's proud that her X Factor 2012 fame has helped gay people come out.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper today, 21-year-old Lucy revealed how happy she was that her gigs have inspired others.

“It’s been amazing. I’ve done gigs and some young girls there said they were watching TV with their parents... they heard my music, their parents loved it, found out I was gay, still loved it and they’ve said, ‘Oh, I’m gay as well,’ and their parents have been fine," she said. “For me, to have helped someone come out is the biggest compliment ever.”

We saw Lucy make judges' houses on Sunday night after a performance of another new track, Tea and Toast.

Explaining the her thinking behind the rather sad song, Lucy told the newspaper: “I was busking in town and this elderly couple walked past holding hands. Then the lady collapsed in the street and was unconscious.

“And the look on the husband’s face was like he’d never lost her before and he’d just lost her then.

“It was horrible and it inspired me to write a song — after I got them into an ambulance.”

Lucy's now at judges' houses and tipped to make the X Factor live shows, and she's not going to let any haters stand in her way.

She said: “It’s the 21st Century, and if someone doesn’t like the fact that I’m gay then I don’t want them to listen to my music. Anyone who is prejudice or homophobic or racist has got something not right in their brain.

“You can’t just not like someone because of something like that.”

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