X Factor results: Joseph Whelan axed at bootcamp!

Joseph Whelan (X Factor 2012)

Joseph Whelan was one of the shock exits at bootcamp tonight, as he failed to make the cut to the final 24.

Speaking before his final audition at bootcamp, Joseph admitted: "For me this is make or break. I’ve got so much riding on it, I’m not just doing this for me, I’m doing it for my son to give him a better life so I really don’t want to let him down.

"If I had to go back to work on Monday it would destroy me inside. Having a taste of all this is amazing and going back to selling tools on a Monday morning wouldn’t be what I would want to do at all. I really think that this is my time, now is the time to do it. I don’t want to do it next year, or the year after, I want to do it now."

After wowing the audience, the judges were split.

"He’s a hottie," Tulisa said. "I like him. He sang well, he plays good guitar and he’s cute. Hes quite classic, he’s got that classic rock voice."

But Nicole was unsure: "He looks like he would be a friend of mine and we’d all be hanging around the camp fire and passing around the guitar and singing. Is he a star?"

When it came to the news, Joseph didn't make the cut.

He reacted: " I’m letting my son down, I’ve let everyone down"

Did you agree with the judges' decision?

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