X Factor 2012: Rylan Clark survives bootcamp axe

Rylan Clark (X Factor 2012)

There was tension on the X Factor 2012 bootcamp tonight as contestants are paired together to sing off against one another.

[tag]Gathan Cheema[/tag], [tag]Rylan Clark[/tag] and Ottavio were all grouped together, but the trio just couldn't seem to get along.

Gathan said: "We are singing Aretha Franklin Respect, which doesn’t necessarily bother me but I think we have seriously underestimated it."

But Ottavio bitched: "I think personally, Gathan is trying to say he is better than me and Rylan, because he can sustain a Falsetto, but there are things that I can do, that I am pretty sure he can’t do. Like I have breathy tones and I don’t think he can do that. I asked Gathan when Rylan was in the toilet if he thought Rylan can sing; he said ‘to be honest with you, no’."

Rylan hit back :"You want to play competition, we can play competition, don’t worry whether I can sing or not, if I’m going through, I’ll go through."

After performing, the judges asked both Gathan and Ottavio to come back for Day 3 as Rylan took centre stage.

Tulisa said: "Rylan we have had to come to a decision, we are going to see you tomorrow"

"You real? You serious?! I’m through?" Rylan reacted. "Oh my god thanks, thank you so much!

"I don’t know if I am more happy that we all got through or that we don’t have to work as a group no more!"

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