X Factor bootcamp results: Mitsotu, Rough Copy and Britt Love through to Day 3

Mitsotu (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Mitsotu, Rough Copy and Britt Love all made it through to day 2 of bootcamp on The X Factor this evening.

First up to perform from the girls category was Britt Love, Diedra Lawlor and Collagen Westwood, but was problems between the trio.

Collagen admitted: "I’m not going to lie; I’ve had like one or two whiskeys which I have smuggled in."

Britt reacted: "I’m really annoyed because she’s really quite drunk and I can smell it on her, it’s not fair on me and my other member. You know some people are here just to be on TV."

After their performance, Gary moans: "I have to say that was awful, absolutely awful, that’s the worst audition of the day!"

But despite the comments, the judges decide to keep Mini Viva's Britt in the competition.

Offstage and Collagen moans: "Gary isn’t the holy grail of singing, I think Gary is just a bit mean anyway, I thought that from the beginning, I never really liked him, he was a bit horrible."

Gary then headed backstage to give the remaining hopefuls who had yet to sing a pep talk, tellng them: "You have got to come out there like you want this, we need to see that, we are looking for winners, anyone who comes out and looks bored, you’re going home, it’s time to change your life, today, not tomorrow. Go out there and mean it"

And it seemed to work, with groups [tag]Rough Copy[/tag] and [tag]Mitsotu[/tag] taking to the stage to perform She Said by Plan B.

Tulisa told them: "Guys you did so amazing that you are both through to tomorrow"

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