X Factor 2012: Collagen Westwood insists she wasn't drunk!


Collagen Westwood has insisted that she wasn't drunk at The X Factor 2012 bootcamp.

The singer is due to perform with Britt Love and Diedra Lawlor in the second bootcamp challenge tonight, in a bid to get through to the second day of the show.

Collagen admits: "I’m not going to lie; I’ve had like one or two whiskeys which I have smuggled in."

But Britt, who has already tasted success as part of pop duo Mini Viva, claims: "I’m really annoyed because she’s really quite drunk and I can smell it on her, it’s not fair on me and my other member. You know some people are here just to be on TV."

On stage and Gary tells the trio after their poor performance: "I have to say that was awful, absolutely awful, that’s the worst audition of the day!"

But Collagen hits back: "Gary isn’t the holy grail of singing, I think Gary is just a bit mean anyway, I thought that from the beginning, I never really liked him, he was a bit horrible."

Hitting back at Britt's claims, Collagen today insisted that she wasn't drunk and the Whiskey was just to help her voice!

She tweeted: "correction I wasn't drunk takes more than two shots of whiskey to make me drunk!! I had it to warm my throat up"

Collagen added: "So tonight is the night where x factor make me out to look like i am drunk when the fact is i had two sips for my throat warm up! "

[cat c="the x factor"]The X Factor 2012[/cat] bootcamp airs tonight at 8:10PM on ITV1.

Browse pictures from tonight's bootcamp episode below...

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