X Factor 2012: Jake Quickenden opens up about death of brother

Jake Quickenden (X Factor 2012)

X Factor 2012 hopeful Jake Quickenden has opened up about the death of his brother earlier this month.

23-year-old Jake lost his brother to cancer aged just 19 on September 8, following the death of their dead to the same disease four years ago.

In an interview with The Sun today, Jake recalls: “I was at his house with the rest of our family when it happened. We were all with him.”

“It was devastating. But it was good he had everybody who loved him around him. It made it easier that everyone was there and we all got to say our goodbyes.”

Jake added: “He had been ill for a while but it was still a surprise. His breathing changed that morning. My mum said, ‘Everyone needs to be here now.’

“It was quick. He just stopped breathing and that was it. It was just disbelief at the fact he had gone and everyone loved him so much.

“He was everyone’s little hero. I don’t think we will ever get fully over it.”

We saw Jake discuss the fate of his dad on the ITV1 one series when his audition aired at the end of August, and Jake said he was happy that his brother Oliver had the chance to watch him sing before passing away.

“We all watched my audition on the X Factor together. Olly wasn’t very well but we had a Chinese and he said how proud he was of me," Jake tells the newspaper today. "He came with us to Manchester when I auditioned and he got to see it all which was good. He teased me about it."

Jake went on: “I used to try and play my guitar and sing to him all the time and he used to get pretty fed up. He’d say, ‘Shut up, I’m trying to watch Jeremy Kyle,’ but he did love it.”

Jake will be seen competing for a spot in the X Factor 2012 final 24 on tonight's bootcamp show.

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