X Factor bootcamp spoilers: Rylan Clark argues over group performance

Rylan Clark (X Factor 2012)

There's tension on the X Factor 2012 bootcamp tonight as contestants are paired together to sing off against one another.

Gathan, [tag]Rylan Clark[/tag] and Ottavio are all grouped together, but the trio just can't seem to get along.

Gathan says: "We are singing Aretha Franklin Respect, which doesn’t necessarily bother me but I think we have seriously underestimated it."

But Ottavio bitches: "I think personally, Gathan is trying to say he is better than me and Rylan, because he can sustain a Falsetto, but there are things that I can do, that I am pretty sure he can’t do. Like I have breathy tones and I don’t think he can do that. I asked Gathan when Rylan was in the toilet if he thought Rylan can sing; he said ‘to be honest with you, no’."

Rylan hits back :"You want to play competition, we can play competition, don’t worry whether I can sing or not, if I’m going through, I’ll go through."

Four hours are being setting the challenge and the night draws in, the morning will see the acts sing on stage and be told on spot whether they will be staying in the competition or going home.

Some contestants are calling it a night and while Rylan and Ottavio head back to the hotel, Gathan stays behind to get in some extra rehearsal.

Ottavio comments: "At the end of the day I see this as a job interview, don’t you? At job interviews you see people, other candidates, that you don’t like. And he (talking about Gathan) definitely is one I don’t like."

While Gathan tells the camera: "They have not got that committed drive, so that puts me in a great position because i could have been given two singers, that were so much better and so hard working, I’m against these dudes, but I’m already one step ahead of them, just by my work ethic"

Tune in to The X Factor bootcamp at 8:10PM tonight to see how their performance goes!

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