X Factor judges: Tulisa feels embarrassed by 'Sexiest Woman' title

Tulisa (The X Factor 2012)

X Factor judge Tulisa has said she finds being labelled as the sexiest woman in the world as "awkward".

Speaking to this weekend's TV magazine, the N-Dubz star complained that she's found the title "embarrassing".

“I didn’t look in the mirror and think, ‘I’m so gorgeous and sexy.’ I thought, ‘Actually, that’s a bit embarrassing'" she said.

Tulisa admitted: "There are a lot more beautiful girls out there. I’m not deluded.”

In an intimate chat with the magazine, Tulisa also shares her hopes for settling down with kids, but confessed she feared her "tough" media persona put people off.

She tells the publication: "I really want to have kids. I’ll get married and because of the way I grew up, having a baby will be a massive deal for me."

Tulisa goes on: “I spend most of my life being tough, but there is a downside – a lot of people think I’m a b****. I’m not.

“Every now and again I’ll shut myself away and cry. If there’s something that’s bothering me – like a load of nasty remarks on Twitter – sometimes crying can be the best release.”

We just feel like giving Tulisa a massive cuddle!

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