X Factor 2012: Robbie Hance quits at bootcamp?!

Robbie Hance

Robbie Hance seemingly quits bootcamp on The X Factor 2012 tonight, storming off stage after forgetting his lyrics.

Robbie is seen performing with [tag]Jake Quickenden[/tag] and [tag]Adam Burridge[/tag] at the end of Day 1 of bootcamp.

But there are problems from the off as Robbie decides to nap instead of rehearsing.

He says: "I find it a lot more comfortable to be by myself and just chill out you know rather than get in the middle of it all and make a fool out of myself really."

Jake moans: "Robbie has decided to go for like a sleep which kind of stopped us from three hours of practice."

Adam adds: "And it messes up our chances as well, we’ve got to perform it as a group.

"It looks like he doesn’t care about it, it could be that he’s just covering up in case he gets booted out or in case he doesn’t make it through."

During the performance, Robbie forgets words and then places his microphone down on the stage, and walks off the stage mid song. He walks straight past Dermot, while Jake and Adam continue singing.

After calming down, Robbie reacts: "I forgot my lyrics and there’s no point waiting around for someone to tell you you’re not going to go through."

He adds: "I know I’m the only one here with nothing to really lose but at the same time I have just lost a whole lot more than everyone else. I suppose self-destruction was the key of today."

Has Robbie quit or will he be talked around? Will the judges even want to him through to the next round?

Find out tonight!

[cat c="the x factor"]The X Factor[/cat] bootcamp airs tonight at 8:10PM on ITV1.

Browse pictures from tonight's bootcamp episode below...

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