X Factor 2012: Tulisa fancies Clapz Shizzayne)!

James Nti

X Factor judge Tulisa has admitted she's been taken by rapper Clapz Shizzayne.

We saw Clapz impress the panel during last weekend's final auditions, winning a spot at bootcamp after getting four yeses.

And before his audition, Clapz - was seen talking about his love for one of the show's judges in particular.

“I have a big crush on Tulisa," he said.

And the feelings could be mutual, with Tulisa saying during this weekend's show: “Guys, I’m not being funny, I’m a single girl right now and the honest truth is I’m not getting any love anywhere and Clapz right now is giving me that love.”

However Gary Barlow is seen quipping: “Careful... you’ll get the Clapz off him.”

But despite wooing Tulisa during his performances, Clapz revealed he spent the nights in Liverpool bedding other girls at bootcamp.

"I didn’t really rehearse because I had a friend come round," he told The Sun. “It wasn’t what I expected it to be but she was decent, so I just kissed her and it developed into... you know what I’m saying.

“I promised I wouldn’t say the name. She was really begging me, ‘Please don’t tell anyone. I don’t want my parents to know’.”

An insider added to the tabloid today: “All the contestants are told to be professional and focus on their audition but producers can’t stop things like this happening.

"The fact he didn’t have enough time to rehearse caused problems.”

The X Factor 2012 bootcamp will air this Saturday and Sunday on ITV1.

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