The X Factor 2012 auditions: Show Seven review

Robbie Hance (X Factor 2012)

And now the end is near, and so we face the final... auditions.

Will trio [tag]Rough Copy[/tag] get the final show off to a great start? Well, they certainly know how to work the crowd, in and out of the arena. Four nods from the judges and they sailed through to bootcamp.

It was Tulisa's night tonight. The love from the boys for the world's sexiest woman, was out in force and they weren't scared to show it. Sadly though, it distracted away from some of the good talent. I'm here for the singing.

The lads continued to take over the show and the stand outs were [tag]Triple J[/tag] and Nathan Gayle.

Next we met homeless [tag]Robbie Hance[/tag] and I hope your performance tonight changes your life, so no more sleeping on the streets.

Sentiment aside, I really liked it. Good luck Robbie

Suffice to say the next few acts won't be late entrants to the Midas act shortlist. Please make it stop.

Come on Danielle, throw some chaos in to my plans.

In fairness, her first song was an Adele copy but she wasn't that bad, sadly the second song was not all all good. See you at the Voice auditions Danielle.

The overs has some awesome singers this year, but the next few didn't quite make the grade...will the last "over not out" singer knock our socks off?

So as the auditions come to a close, we meet my friend [tag]Carolynne Poole[/tag]. Yes, very proud to say, she is my friend.

Carolynne is a nice, kind hearted, down to earth girl with a World class voice. World class. Her audition was effortless and they really did save the best for last. Not being biased, but she is the one to watch.

So that is it, the auditions for 2012 are over...

My official X Factor Midas act, will be named on Monday (the 20th September)

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