X Factor 2012: Poisonous Twin make bootcamp but Tulisa's not won over!

Poisonous Twin

Duo Poisonous Twin split X Factor judges Tulisa and Geri on tonight's Xtra Factor.

The pair are made up of Stephanie, 23 and Sophie, 21, who despite appearances aren't twins or even sisters!

Sophie told Caroline Flack: "We’re just like best friends but we look alike. And everyone always says ‘are you two twins? And we’re like ‘no’

"We’re like the closest of close. This morning we were in a really big rush to get ready so Steph was in the bath and we were like flapping and she jumped in my bath and just started shaving my legs and then she was like ‘get out, I need the space’"

Sophie added: "I think we’re completely different to anything The X Factor has seen before because we’re kind of just a bit loony and we kind of don’t really pay much attention to it"

Stephanie revealed: "Most of the time they look at us and they think we’re a bit mad. We’ve sang together for three years

"If we’re having fun we think the audience are going to be having fun watching us"

The pair performed Telephone by Lady Gaga, but split the judges.

Geri told them: "For me, pop music should be fun and I found you really fun, I liked it"

But Tulisa said: "I don’t think it was that bad but I find it more a bit of fun rather than taking you seriously as artists"

Fighting the corner for the girls, Geri claimed: "Don’t we need a bit of fun in our lives?"

Louis agreed with the Spice Girl: "We do and I like these two girls. They’re fun they sing in tune and we haven’t had anybody like you on the show before."

Gary commented: "Girls this isn’t the sort of thing I usually like but I thought you were great"

But Tulisa moaned: "I think you’ve all gone mad, absolutely bonkers"

With three yeses, the girls were through to bootcamp!

What will Gary Barlow think of it all!?

The Xtra Factor airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2, straight after the main show at 8PM on ITV1.

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