X Factor 2012: Carolynne Poole makes epic comeback (VIDEO)

Carolynne Poole (X Factor 2012)

Carolynne Poole made an epic comeback on The X Factor tonight after being rejected at judges' houses last year.

The 31-year-old admitted: "I’m really nervous to be honest. I am excited, but I’m just… I feel sick actually."

Speaking before her second audition for the show, Carolynee suggested: "I don’t think Louis thought I was a star, I was heartbroken. Looking back now though, I know that last year I were blank, there was nothing behind my eyes, I was just like shut off.

"Last year myself and my husband had been through IVF and it had failed, then my marriage was in tatters, I had lost him and I had lost the hope of a family and I had lost the hope of a career singing. I felt like there was no coming back from that, I came away from that feeling like that was it, I’m never going to do it again, I’m never going to sing again, I know that sounds dramatic but at the time you just feel that’s it, it’s over.

"But actually no that’s not it. I didn’t show you what I could do, you didn’t see the real me then, so I’m back and I need to show you that, I want this more than anything, it means the world to me, I was put here to sing.

On stage and Louis explained his choice last year, telling Carolynne: "There was something missing, it was like you were just there you know! I didn’t feel the hunger."

Carolynne replied: "When you told me that I wasn’t through, I brushed it off and said ‘thank you very much’ and I was a bit too much of a proud woman to let you see my tears I guess, but it did mean the world to me and it absolutely broke my heart."

She added: "I’ll be honest with you I felt pretty sorry for myself for a few months and my cousin dragged me out of bed and she plays rugby for England so I didn’t argue with her.

"She took me rugby training and she told me to stop feeling sorry for myself, knocked a bit of sense into me and give me a bit of my fight back and just reminded me of the fighting Yorkshire lass that I thought I was.

Carolynne performed Emeli Sande’s Clown for the judges, telling them: "I chose it because the words kinda… I felt like it was wrote for me. I just wanted to sing them to you so."

Louis raved: "Carolynne, you’re looking better and your sounding better, I think you have got your confidence back. I loved the audition."

Tulisa added: "Whatever Louis thought was missing, I think this year, you’ve got it. I feel like I know you more in the how many minutes you have been up there than the whole time you were in the competition before, it’s just like a complete new you and I love it."

Even guest judge Mel B was won over: "I know you have been through a lot and you have got a lot of pain and hurt, every word you made mean something and that is very endearing to see in a performer and your voice tops it off, it’s just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Whatever you are going through, use it and make it work for you."

Finally, Gary added: "Carolynne you have an amazing voice, you have an amazing look, I think the overs category is going to be incredible, and I think you are the dark horse of the competition right now, I really do."

With four yeses, Carolyne was through to bootcamp.

She said: "I feel so immensely happy and like I want to cry my eyes out at the same time, it’s such a weird feeling. This is my shot and I am taking it, grabbing it and going for it."

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