X Factor 2012: Dale Ali and James Nti try and woo Tulisa!

James Nti

Tonight's final X Factor auditions go some way to proving that Tulisa is a favourite on the panel with the male auditionees!

Both [tag]James Nti[/tag] and [tag]Dale Ali[/tag] are seen trying to woo the single N-Dub singer with their performances.

21-year-old James, known as Clapz Shizzayne, is seen performing for the panel and winning over Tulisa.

She tells him: "You're not Jay Z yet... but the potential is there."

But James is hiding his secret past as a convicted burglar.

He told the Daily Mirror today: "It was a bad time and I'm ashamed. I grew up in a bad area... it was easy to get led astray, but I'm not making excuses.

"I hope X Factor helps me make something of myself."

Meanwhile Dale tries to serenade Tulisa with an Olly Murs track, and gets a similarly positive reaction!

The X Factor 2012 airs at 8PM tonight on ITV1.

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