X Factor 2012: Danielle Scott rows with X Factor judges over Jessie J!


25-year-old Danielle Scott is seen getting into an argument with The X Factor 2012 judges tonight after a flop audition.

After performing Turning Tables by Adele for the panel in Liverpool, guest judge Geri reacts: "For me, anyone touching an Adele song is instantly compared, if I’m honest, I found it a little depressing."

"Danielle you can definitely sing but it was very very like an Adele impersonation, it wasn’t different enough.
Danielle: Let me do my second song, like a more upbeat one if you want."

"Can I do Jesse J because that’s different isn’t It?" Danielle pleads. "I’m begging you please let me do my second song."

She adds: "Oh please can I sing Jesse J, it’s an acoustic version and it’s really good! Please can I sing Jesse J and I promise you I will not sound the same, I’m so versatile I can sound like anyone, please!"

After a short burst of Price Tag, Danielle is given some home truths by Gary Barlow: "OK, so this time you didn’t sound like Jesse J, instead you were out of time, you were very pitchy, there was a lot of flat and sharp notes and the singing was really really below average."

Danielle replies: "See that’s because you were making me do songs I don’t feel comfortable doing."

"No you asked us to do that song!" Gary hits back.

The X Factor 2012 airs at 8PM tonight on ITV1.

Browse pictures of the final X Factor auditions below...

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