The X Factor 2012 auditions: Show Six review

Jade Ellis (X Factor 2012)

Only two audition shows to go...forget the contestants, it's nearly time for ME to face the music and to choose my Midas act.

The opening round up montage shown tonight, made me realise what great talent we've had so far this series, a lot more than 12, so the choices are going to be interesting. The live shows will be fab.

But before then, we can still enjoy the pleasure and the pain.

Here comes Nick...

Not quite sure where he auditioned before, but don't think Tulishia, I mean Tulisa will be on Mr Buss' Christmas card list. Next.

Can Jade Ellis give us something to smile about? She certainly can. She sailed through with a faultless performance. There's a lot more to come out from Jade.

Bianca Gascoigne, yes THE Gascoigne, the daughter of the legendary footballer pressure then.

The panel were a bit harsh on her. Not the best vocal, but personally I thought she was OK and with a bit of fine tuning, I think Bianca would do well. I would have her on my talent agency tomorrow. I think we will see her again.

Young redhead Lauren Smith, played a mean guitar and she has talent so I'm glad (after the fighting between Louis and Tulisa) that they decided to put her through.

Happy, cheerful Tammy and her crazy nan, (her words not mine) put the smiles back on everyone's faces. Talented Tammy shocked me. I thought she was going to be awful and, I'm happy to admit, I was proved wrong. A good powerhouse performance. It will be interesting to see how she progresses.

Last up on another show full of talent, was Jade Collins, who gave us an emotional insight into her life. She sailed through, but I think it needs a bit of work and I wasn't blown away.

Just a quick mention about the Xtra Factor on ITV2 and the superb Hayley Evetts. Great audition, one of the best from the entire series. Well done and good luck.

Deep breaths Dean...there is just one more audition show to go. Then the pressure really starts.

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