X Factor 2012: Carolynne Poole wows with Emeli Sande cover

Carolynne Poole

Carolynne Poole wows the X Factor 2012 judges tonight as auditions come to a close.

"I’m really nervous to be honest. I am excited, but I’m just… I feel sick actually," she admits before going on stage.

Carolynne made it through to judges' houses last year, where she missed out on the live shows.

She says: "I don’t think Louis thought I was a star, I was heartbroken. Looking back now though, I know that last year I were blank, there was nothing behind my eyes, I was just like shut off.

Carolynne reveals: "Last year myself and my husband had been through IVF and it had failed, then my marriage was in tatters, I had lost him and I had lost the hope of a family and I had lost the hope of a career singing. I felt like there was no coming back from that, I came away from that feeling like that was it, I’m never going to do it again, I’m never going to sing again.

"I know that sounds dramatic but at the time you just feel that’s it, it’s over. But actually no that’s not it. I didn’t show you what I could do, you didn’t see the real me then, so I’m back and I need to show you that, I want this more than anything, it means the world to me, I was put here to sing.

On stage and Louis tells Caroline: "I did Carolynne but you know what, there was something missing, it was like you were just there you know! I didn’t feel the hunger."

Carolynne performs Emeli Sande’s Clown for the judges, telling them: "I chose it because the words kinda… I felt like it was wrote for me. I just wanted to sing them to you so."

After the performance, Louis raves: "Carolynne, you’re looking better and your sounding better, I think you have got your confidence back. I loved the audition."

Tulisa adds: "Whatever Louis thought was missing, I think this year, you’ve got it. I feel like I know you more in the how many minutes you have been up there than the whole time you were in the competition before, it’s just like a complete new you and I love it."

And guest judge Mel B at the Manchester auditions comments: "I know you have been through a lot and you have got a lot of pain and hurt, every word you made mean something and that is very endearing to see in a performer and your voice tops it off, it’s just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Whatever you are going through, use it and make it work for you."

Offstage, Caroline reacts: "I feel so immensely happy and like I want to cry my eyes out at the same time, it’s such a weird feeling. This is my shot and I am taking it, grabbing it and going for it."

Will it be second time lucky for Caroline?

The X Factor 2012 airs at 8PM tonight on ITV1.

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