Gary Barlow will quit The X Factor if Geri Halliwell returns!

Gary Barlow and Geri Halliwell (X Factor 2012)

X Factor judge Gary Barlow has warned he'll QUIT the show if Geri Halliwell ever returns!

The wacky Spice Girl made a name for herself as a guest judge during the first day of audition at Liverpool this year.

Gary claimed that Geri was "trying too hard" and ended up being hated by the crowd... and also by the judges too!

The Take That star said: “She’s crackers. How you see her on TV is exactly how she is in real life. The crowd really didn’t like her. She got booed all day long. She was a bit over-excited.”

Speaking to The Sun, he added: “She’d been told she was auditioning for the role and, bless her, I think she tried a bit too hard. I do love her for being her though, we had fun backstage. She’s sweet but mad.”

Quizzed about the possibly of Geri making a comeback next year, he replied: “I doubt it. And if she is, I may be going.”

Instead, Gary revealed he wanted to see Mel B on the panel!

“Mel was brilliant. It actually gave me a bit of a holiday the day she was there," he told the tabloid this morning. “I’m normally the one who delivers the bad news but she was doing it all so I could just sit there, going, ‘Oh, that’s awful, what she said’ but secretly loving it.”

Turning his attention to the upcoming live shows, Gary claimed that being a judge on the series was more pressure than performing at Wembley or during the Olympics!

He said: “When I wander on stage at Wembley or the Olympics I’m all right, I’m cool. I’m not nervous because I know what I’m doing, and it’s me.

“But when your act is going out there, it’s like they’re your kids.”

The X Factor 2012 continues tonight at 8:10PM on ITV1.

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