X Factor 2012: Tammy Cartwright wows with powerhouse performance (VIDEO)

Tammy (X Factor 2012)

33-year-old support worker Tammy Cartwright wowed the X Factor 2012 judges in tonight's latest auditions.

Tammy turned up to her tryout with her biggest fan, her nan, May!

"She’s supported me all through the years so she has to be a part of it, even if she can’t behave," Tammy said before going in front of the X Factor judges.

Her nan added: "She calls me mad May. We’ve all been telling her to go for it and we are very very very pleased she is here."

Tammy revealed: "In my 20’s, my dream was to be successful in singing and I’m in my 30’s now and I think I’ve got to that age that if I don’t do it now, I will never get it done. It’s really important that I get this right today. I will just give it my best shot and hope it’s good enough."

On stage and Tammy's Nanny May came on to join her, telling the judges of her granddaughter: "She's Fantastic. She is bloody brilliant."

Tammy went on to perform One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson to get the crowd in Manchester on their feet.

"Tammy that was a power house performance. You were born to sing," Louis said.

Tulisa added: "I think you are so likeable. You have great stage presence, great song choice and you rocked that stage."

Gary said: "Tammy, oh my god you can sing. You’re 33 and the fact that we haven’t heard of you before, it’s puzzling. What’s been distracting you?"

Tammy explained to the panel: "Well my brother had a lot of issues with something he shouldn’t have been doing which took up a lot of my time. Then mum had breast cancer so that’s why I haven’t performed in a long while. I sort of made a deal with my brother, he told me to stop preaching about his life and do something with my own. So here I am."

Guest judge Mel B however was her honest self: "When you first started singing I did think it was a little bit karaoke and I felt like I was at Blackpool pleasure beach watching one of them shows."

But she added: "And then as the song went along you really shone. You need to know that you are bloody fantastic."

With four yeses, Tammy was off to bootcamp!

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Watch Tammy on The X Factor 2012 below..

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