X Factor 2012: Louis Walsh reckons Collagen Westwood is a cross between Pete Burns and Cher!


Louis Walsh compares 22-year-old X Factor hopeful Collagen Westwood to a cross between Cher and Pete Burns on this weekend's show!

Collagen explains before her audition: "Collagen is not my birth name but it feels more me because I love big lips and I have big lips.

"I love plastic surgery because it can make you become something different and I think when you are born you are just a blank canvas. Like, I wasn’t happy with my nose so I had a nose job to make myself feel like how I should have been. I auditioned for X Factor because this is the first year of having my nose."

She adds: "My idol is Pete Burns, people think that’s strange, but I think he looks really nice and looks like a doll. I started having my lips done in the salon; sometimes I do it on a weekly basis, if I feel they are not big enough. I learnt how to sing by recording Stars in your Eyes every week. My whole life I have been in training to be a celebrity and I’ve always thought of what I should and shouldn’t do, because I believe in my head that one day I will make it."

After performing, Gary says: "Collagen I actually think you’ve got a very good voice, with hard work and the right training, you could be very good I think"

While Louis quips: "You’re a cross between Pete Burns and Cher."

Collagen replies: "That’s the biggest compliment in the world!"

The Xtra Factor airs 9:10PM tomorrow night (Saturday) on ITV2.

Browse pictures of this weekend's Xtra Factor acts below, including Collagen Westwood...

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