X Factor auditions: Tammy impresses with "power house performance"

Tammy (X Factor 2012)

33-year-old support worker Tammy wows the X Factor 2012 judges in tonight's latest auditions.

Tammy turns up to auditions with her biggest fan, her nan!

"She’s supported me all through the years so she has to be a part of it, even if she can’t behave," Tammy says.

Her nan adds: "She calls me mad May. We’ve all been telling her to go for it and we are very very very pleased she is here."

Tammy reveals: "In my 20’s, my dream was to be successful in singing and I’m in my 30’s now and I think I’ve got to that age that if I don’t do it now, I will never get it done. It’s really important that I get this right today. I will just give it my best shot and hope it’s good enough."

On stage and Tammy's Nanny May comes on to join her, telling the judges of her granddaughter: "She's Fantastic. She is bloody brilliant."

Tammy goes on to perform One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson to get the crowd in Manchester on their feet.

"Tammy that was a power house performance. You were born to sing," Louis says.

Tulisa adds: "I think you are so likeable. You have great stage presence, great song choice and you rocked that stage."

Gary says: "Tammy, oh my god you can sing. You’re 33 and the fact that we haven’t heard of you before, it’s puzzling. What’s been distracting you?"

Tammy explains to the panel: "Well my brother had a lot of issues with something he shouldn’t have been doing which took up a lot of my time. Then mum had breast cancer so that’s why I haven’t performed in a long while. I sort of made a deal with my brother, he told me to stop preaching about his life and do something with my own. So here I am."

Guest judge Mel B however was her honest self: "When you first started singing I did think it was a little bit karaoke and I felt like I was at Blackpool pleasure beach watching one of them shows."

But she adds: "And then as the song went along you really shone. You need to know that you are bloody fantastic."

The X Factor 2012 airs tonight on ITV1 from 8:10PM.

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