X Factor 2012: Bianca Gascoigne struggles to stand out amongst the crowd

Bianca (X Factor 2012)

25-year-old Bianca Gascoigne is seen splitting the panel on The X Factor 2012 auditions tonight.

"I was young I’ve grown up in the public eye because of my dad, Paul Gascoigne, who’s like a legend at football," she reveals. "When I was like 19 I got asked to do a show called Love Island, it was an opportunity I thought ‘yeah why not I’m young, who would turn it down’, and obviously when I came out of there I was getting invited to all these parties, it was a whole new life, I was just living it up.

"I do look back and just think I just wish I was a bit more sensible, I hate the fact that people see me as this party girl because I have got so much more to me than that. I’ve always been a singer, this is something that I’ve wanted to do and it’s been years and years I’ve thought this through to do it and now I’m here I’m just like ‘oh my god!’"

Bianca added: "I just hope they don’t think I’m just doing this as another show, this is really what I want, I love singing and hopefully they can see that when I walk on stage, you know that I really do care and that I’m going to be nervous because it means so much to me. "

On stage and Bianca performed I’m Going Down by Mary J Blige for the panel.

However Gary Barlow told her: "If I could compare you with the other 25 year olds we’ve had it’s really not good enough. What the other 25 year olds have is that they’ve been singing like all their lives, seriously singing. At 25 you should be a lot better than that. In general it was a bit of a mediocre audition."

Louis agreed, adding: "Bianca you haven’t got a bad voice, you’ve got a great image you know but it’s tough because we’ve got some amazing singers in this category already."

And Tulisa said: "I appreciate and admire the fact that you’ve come up and basically wanted to try something different and change the public’s perception of you and I think you’re a cool girl I’ve met you out a couple of times but I’ve got to be honest i don’t think the vocals were strong enough for this competition."

The X Factor 2012 airs tonight on ITV1 from 8:10PM.

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