The X Factor 2012 auditions: Show Four review

Christopher Maloney (X Factor 2012)

Week four kicks off in Liverpool. The City that gave us the Beatles, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, OMD and X Factor's favourite son, Marcus Collins.

First up, were what can only be described as a Little Mix look-a-like band. Sadly, the "IT Girls" as they introduced themselves to us, don't have what the real Little Mix have, "IT". Maybe a name change is in order ladies.

This week, our favourite ginger spice, very much proud of her Liverpool roots, joined the judging panel. This provided us with a very amusing tongue in cheek, highlight to the opening of the show, the battle of Geri vs Gary.... I know whose corner I'm in, Sir Barlow. And for record, Take That have had 11 number one singles. All brilliant!

[tag]Times Red[/tag], three rather plain looking guys were up next, Good job they can sing! Yeah ok, they were a bit hunkyfunky, sorry the wife's words not mine, but I need to take into account the audiences reaction! Their beat box injection to Amy Winehouses', Rehab, was something new on the show and I can see the guys doing very well. A group to watch.

This weeks montage included the talents of Megan, Tasha and Cian. Their individual performances prove this country really does have talent. Put them in a band together. It would work, trust me.

Will little starlet [tag]Melanie McCabe[/tag] come back fighting after getting so close to the live shows last year? It was good but it wasn't perfect, saying that, she deserves her chance at bootcamp and I know she can do better.

Safe to say the next few acts will not be joining the Midas act shortlist...oh, the ringing in my ears!

Will Tulisha, I mean Tulisa fan Jason, change my mood? He certainly shocked me with his near perfect vocal, memorable for the right reasons. Good luck Jashon, I mean Jason.

I think we forget sometimes, as we all sit down on a Saturday night, on our sofas, with a light beverage or two, just how BIG the X factor really is. Can we blame the auditionees for showing a few nerves? A big thank you to all of those that took the courage to come out onto the big stage. And a special round of applause to [tag]Christopher Maloney[/tag].

Christopher has completely thrown a spanner in my works. I was confident that a girl would win this year...not anymore.

One of the best auditions I have seen in all my time reviewing and talking about this show. Mate, your life has changed forever and hopefully every time you come out onto that stage in the future the nerves will be eaten up by your talent. Even the most experienced singers still admit to being nervous.

So Christopher joins the 'Midas' shortlist with just three audition shows to go.

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