X Factor 2012: Jason hopes to become the next Justin Bieber!

Jason (X Factor 2012)

University student Jason reveals he hopes The X Factor can make him as famous as Justin Bieber.

The 18-year-old also loves X Factor judge Tulisa, although he's not too sure how to pronounce her name.

"I love Tulisha, I love to kiss Tulisha on the lips, I love her like so, so much, I don’t know, I just love her, love her, love her so much! Not the way I love my mum but I love you Tulisha I love you!" he says backstage. "I have been waiting for this moment my whole life, I want to see her and tell her how much I love her."

He laughs: "[I don't think about her] all the time, I think about Adele, Alicia Keys and Cheryl Cole too but I love her the most."

But it's not just Tulisa that Jason is here for.

He explains: "I sing in my bedroom, I sing when I eat, drink, take a shower, when I go out, on the couch, everywhere. My neighbour knock my door and say shut up! Be quiet Jason we can’t stand you anymore!

"Today is the most important day in my life, I want to be a legend, I want the girls to say ‘Jason, Jason’ like the way they say ‘Justin Bieber’!"

On stage Jason gives Tulisa a rose before finally getting a chance to sing, performing I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston

Tulisa jokes: Jason, I think I’ve found a new toy boy. Loved it, absolutely loved it….I loved the rose, I loved you and I loved the performance, how about that. You wanted my love, you’ve earnt it, I love ya."

Guest judge Geri admitted: "You were better than I thought you were gonna be. That’s a hard song to sing so well done."

But what did Gary Barlow think?

Tune in to The X Factor tonight to see!

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