X Factor 2012: Gary Barlow embarrassed by Page 3 model Emily O’Hara!

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X Factor judge Gary Barlow is left rather embarassed by a Page 3 model on this weekend's show!

21-year-old glmour model Emily O'Hara appears in front of the judges this Saturday night as auditions move to Liverpool.

And Gary is seen going rather red after asking Emily to explain her job.

“Gary looked very pleased to see her — maybe he recognised her from The Sun," a source told The Sun today. “It was obvious he thought Emily was hot — she came on looking absolutely gorgeous.”

It seems that Gary's been getting a lot of attention from the female auditionees on this year's series.

"Sometimes I am a bit like ‘come on girls, ease up’, they are very touchy feely!" Tulisa reveals on The Xtra Factor. "They really really go for him! And get as much physical contact within that three second hug that they can.

"Gary very much plays the cool dude and all the women swoon and say ‘oh he’s so mysterious’ - he’s not mysterious - I know you Gary!"

Gary smilies: "I enjoy the attention, I mean you have got to in this job, one of the things about the other man being Louis means there’s really not much competition"

Louis added: "Gary does get a lot of attention from women, it’s like the Tom Jones thing – they are all of a certain age"

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