X Factor 2012: Tulisa admits her personal life has been "s**t"

One Direction

X Factor judge Tulisa has confessed that her personal life has been "s**t", despite her career going great.

The N-Dubz singer may be the star of a one biggest UK TV shows and have her own solo album, but it's had a tough knock on effect on her social life.

"Everything goes great in my career but my personal life has just been s***," Tulisa tells Look magazine this week. “Fame and money – I don’t give a c*** about all that stuff.

“If you could put me in a little house in the countryside with a picket fence, a husband, dogs and a family where I can feel love and happiness, I would trade that in a second.”

But Tulisa reckons her huge career now means she has no hope of ever finding a man, claiming they are "scared" of approaching her.

Tulisa revealed: “There’s nowhere for me to meet anyone.

“Men are scared of me and won’t approach me.

“Even if I like someone and I’m fluttering my eyelashes, they still run a mile. So I wouldn’t have dates if I didn’t approach people."

She added: "That’s why I go for really tough lads because only they can handle it.”

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