X Factor: One Direction settle in name dispute with US One Direction

One Direction

The legal battle between One Direction UK and One Direction USA has finished after both sides reachedan agreement.

A US band of the same name as One Direction had sued Simon Cowell after the UK group started to impact on the charts in the states.

The Californian rock band had asked the British group to change their name, asking for $1 million in damages as well as a cut of all US profits.

However both sides have revealed this week that they've managed to reach an agreement outside of court, stating that the dispute has been "resolved amicably".

As part of the deal, the US band will change their name to Uncharted Shores - the title of one of their two albums.

The British group - Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson - will continue with the name of One Direction in both the UK and US.

A joint statement issued on behalf of both groups said: "All of the parties involved are pleased with the resolution and wish each other success."

The US group, formed in 2009 a year before One Direction, had claimed that the record label behind the X Factor stars had created "confusion" between the two groups.

"They chose not to use a different name. They chose to press ahead, using the exact same name, One Direction, setting up the current difficulties and confusion in the United States," the US act said in a blog.

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