X Factor 2012: Melanie Masson: 'This is my last chance'

Melanie Masson (X Factor 2012)

X Factor star Melanie Masson has claimed that this is her last ditch attempt to make it in the business.

The 44-year-old has been signed previously and has worked with some big name stars including P!nk, but has yet to make it on her own after being dropped by her record label before ever releasing any material.

Speaking to TellyMix about her audition, Melanie said that the timing "just felt right" and admitted that this would probably be her last chance.

"This year just felt right, my family are all still behind me, my husband is supportive, I had that feeling of if I don't do this now it's never going to happen," she said. "I just feel that this is my last chance."

Melanie also revealed that she watched back the show at the weekend at her mum's lounge with the children that know her as fairy flutterby!

"I watched Saturday's show where I do some singing in the mum's lounge, with my family and friends, the mums and their kids, it was lovely," Melanie told us. "They were over the moon and it was very emotional, they've known for a long time how hard I've worked for his."

Watch our full interview with Melanie below...

The X Factor 2012 continues on Saturday and Sunday nights from this weekend on ITV1.

See how Melanie gets on at bootcamp later this month.

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