X Factor 2012: Nicola-Marie unhappy with Gary Barlow's remarks!

Nicola Marie (X Factor 2012)

X Factor 2012 hopeful Nicola Marie has admitted she was hurt by Gary Barlow's comments to her on Saturday night's show.

The 35-year-old performed Tell it to my heart by Taylor Dayne for the panel at auditions in Manchester.

Gary told Nicola: "Wow Nicola, oh Nicola, I don’t know if I liked that or not. It was a bit like the opening to a magic act or something. It’s just not current, it’s not now, people don’t do this."

He added: "I have to say I didn’t really enjoy the audition, I found it dated and ultimately I’d find you really annoying if you were in my category."

However Mel B raved: "I don’t know what he’s talking about, I properly loved it, it was full on, yeah it is a little bit dated, so what, but you grabbed my attention."

And fortunately, Louis and Tulisa sided with Mel B and Nicola made it through to bootcamp.

However Gary's comments stuck with Nicola, who said today: "Being told by Gary Barlow that you’re irritating is not the best thing on the planet. He said I had a good voice, so that was a saving grace. But to be told you were irritating..."

She explained: "It’s not so bad if it comes from someone who is ugly. But when it’s from someone as good looking as him it’s hard. When I was younger I was always saying he would be a sexy older man, and I was so right.

“So for him to call me irritating was my worst nightmare.

She added to The Sun: “My husband doesn’t mind about Gary. He’s open-minded. He’s seen what I’m like on stage as GaGa.”

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