The X Factor 2012 auditions: Show Three review

Jake Quickenden (X Factor 2012)

What a lovely day for a day dream...for one act, the dream will become a reality. Will that act be on tonight?

Will it be Nicola Marie...? Perhaps, if it was a talking competition. She came on stage with bags of nervous energy and her performance left me opened mouthed. High kicking, split making, I can't remember what she sounded like!!

King Gary wasn't won over, so that sealed the deal. It wasn't for me either. X Factor in the 90's maybe!!

Our next contender, lifeguard [tag]Jake Quickenden[/tag] was not bad. Vocally, it was average, but he seemed to lack confidence. I am happy to boost this for you mate, and would like to see you at judges houses.

Anyone of our next few auditionees would be ideal as part a band. All great but needed a but more of something. Taylor for me, was the stand out.

Alison, Alison, Alison. Please, for the sake of your kids, give up the singing in public. Your kids have supported you long enough now, and the time has come to find another pursuit. Keep being energetic, and life loving, but put the mike down.

My wife wanted to review the next part as she accused me of being a bit harsh on our next contender, [tag]Joseph Whelan[/tag]. Now young Kian has a dad to be proud of, but vocally, it was average, but, as my wife takes over, he has the looks and projects an aura similar to David Beckham. Handsomely shy, women were memorised. Could he be a sneaky top twelve?

Melanie Masson (X Factor 2012)
Melanie Masson

Anyway, back to MY review. The legendary Anastasia joined us in Scotland...for the first few auditions, I bet she wish she hadn't.

Right, lets pack up and go home...oh, but hold on.

[tag t="melanie masson"]Melanie (fairy) Masson[/tag] blew the Maynard household away. One of the best auditions we have heard for a long time. Perhaps she sprinkled us all in fairy dust. Whatever, I enjoyed listening to her and hope to see her on the live shows.

Melanie was stand out for me tonight and she joins the list as a potential Midas surprise who my wife picked tonight?

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