X Factor 2012: Joseph Whelan's hopes of fame cost him his girlfriend!

Joseph Whelan (X Factor 2012)

X Factor hopeful Joseph Whelan has revealed how he broke up with the mum of his son to pursue his dream of stardom.

The singer wowed the judges on last night's show with an epic performance of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin at auditions in Manchester.

Tulisa told the 26-year-old: " Joseph oh my god. What a voice! What a tone you have. I think Gary’s gonna start getting jealous because you’re gonna be stealing all of the female attention."

Joseph admitted today the female attention did cause problems between him and Maxine, who had son Kian together four years ago.

He explained: "My love for music and my fighting means I am always really busy. It put a lot of strain on the ­relationship so we mutually decided to leave it and we split a few months ago.

“I had to come off social networking. I constantly had women contacting me and tagging me in pictures.

“It made Maxine worry about what I was up to. I was out most weekends ­gigging all round Europe.”

However the rocker added: “It was always a good relationship. We are still close friends. My son loves watching me ­practise. I see him every weekend.”

Maxine’s mum Paula Raybould told The People today.: “Joseph was always out gigging and being chased by girls and didn’t have any time for Maxine. He was always busy.He’s tall, ­muscular and good-looking and flattered by the attention from ladies.”

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