X Factor 2012: What needs to change to win viewers back

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The X Factor 2012 ratings have continued to decline with the latest episode, so we provide a few ways of winning viewers back.

While the new series isn't disappointing with some talented singers on display, there's been many complaints over the way the show has been edited.

We can't help but agree with many of the points our readers have raised, and as ratings fall we reckon the X Factor bosses should really start listening!

Here are our suggestions for bringing back The X Factor viewers...

Axe the TOWIE filler

This is by far our biggest bugbear of the 'new' look show and seems to be the biggest complaint that other viewers have too.

The TOWIE-esque scenes that prelude auditions are awful. They're not necessarily, the acting is wooden and they add nothing whatsoever to the show.

We don't care how an act made their way to the venue or how much conditioner they've used in their hair that morning.

Cut back on the back stories

While we wouldn't suggest the editors need to cut all of a contestant's back story, they often go into far too much detail.

Listening to Dermot chatting with Jahmene Douglas about his routine for discounting Asda products was dull and we really didn't need to know.

Keep it simple and related to the audition. Tell us their name, age and job and anything actually interesting about them.

Show more singers

With the judges seeing over 500 auditonees, the fact that only five a week are shown is just plain silly.

After cutting the filler, show more auditions - good and bad - and keep the pace of the show up.

Adbreaks after every act makes the show hard to watch and feel like it's dragging.

Focus on the talent

We love the wacky acts, it's what makes The X Factor and it's what differentiates it from other music reality shows... well, The Voice.

However, while we don't want them gone, we do suggest less focus on them. There's no need for the huge build up or detailed back stories for acts we're never going to see get through.

Save the air time for the talented acts and use the freaks as filler inbetween.

Show more singing

Even when we do actually get to hear someone performing on the show, their performance is often cut short.

Sometimes it's for the right reasons, but for others there is no need.

If any act is good enough, let us hear the whole song instead of a cut down 1 minute or 30 second version.

Do you agree? What do you think of the current series of The X Factor?

Discuss away below!

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