Kye Sones insists X Factor means "so much" to him now

Kye Sones (X Factor 2012)

X Factor star Kye Sones has insisted that the show means "so much" to him, despite previously hitting out at reality TV programs.

It was reported yesterday that Kye was previously signed to Sony Music as part of a band, who had written tracks blasting The X Factor.

Now a solo artist, it seems that 30-year-old Kye has had a huge change of mind since rubbishing the show in 2009.

“That was so long ago and part of the process of finding out what kind of artist I wanted to be," he explained to The Sun today.

The Chimney Sweep, who wowed the judges with a mash up on Saturday night's show, went on: “Being in bands that didn’t work out made me realise I would be better as a solo artist.

“I just needed the confidence and that’s why The X Factor means so much to me now — I finally know who I am and feel ready to pursue my dream."

With his previous album as part of a band hardly setting the charts on fire, Kye is now hoping The X Factor will give him the success he craves.

He added: "Many artists have past failures but I’m dusting myself off and trying again.”

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