X Factor 2012: Lucy Spraggan hopes the show will help her get girls!

Lucy Spraggan (X Factor 2012)

X Factor star Lucy Spraggan has said she hopes that the show will help her to get more girls!

Lucy, who has been out about her sexuality since the age of 14, joked: "I can imagine the X Factor does wonders for your love life."

She added: "And girls do love girls with guitars.”

Lucy also revealed that her mum loves the fact that she's gay, claiming it makes her cool!

“My mum loves gay people, she thinks she’s part of the cool club now,” she said. “But grandad only found out I was gay on Google.”

The self confessed boozy wild child also revealed she wants to have fun on the show... but promised that she won't get carried away like Frankie Cocozza!

The 20-year-old, who is currently in the Top 5 in the charts with her own song Last Night, insisted she could "handle her beer", despite her songs seeming to indicate otherwise!

Asked what her phrase "beer fear" meant, Lucy said: “It’s when you wake up, look around the room and say to yourself ‘where the bejeezus am I?’"

The singer-songwriter suggested: “People take The X Factor too seriously.

"I want to have fun and show what I can do.”

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Watch Lucy's X Factor audition below...

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