X Factor: James Arthur hopes to put 'rough' past behind him

James Arthur (X Factor 2012)

X Factor singing sensation James Arther hopes to put his 'rough' past behind him on the show.

The 24-year-old told today how he ended up getting arrested after he began living on the streets as a teenager following his parents divorce.

“I got arrested a few times for stealing drink and got a caution. I also got my wrist slapped for fighting on a night out," James told the tabloids.

He explained: “My mum couldn’t cope with me and I couldn’t stay with my dad. I was unbearable. My mum had every right not to be able to cope with me. She had other kids to look after.

“I missed a male role model. I was angry with my mum and thought all my problems were her fault, which I realise they weren’t now.

“I never had a chance to build a proper relationship with my dad when I was younger.”

James' parents came together for the first time in 22 years for his audition in Newcastle, which was given a standing ovation from the audience.

Now through to bootcamp, James hopes the show will give him a chance to rebuild his life.

He said: “I’m now older and wiser and appreciate the importance of family. I was tormented but I’m not any more. We are all in contact now.

“I finally got myself together and got in a place where I felt like I could audition and I wanted both my mum and dad to be with me. I was going through a bit of an epiphany at the time of X Factor.

“I wanted to go back through all my issues and resolve things with my family and that’s what we’ve done.”

And after such a rough upbringing, James declared: "It will be like a walk in the park for me.”

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