X Factor 2012: Rylan Clark splits judges but makes bootcamp (VIDEO)

Rylan Clark (X Factor 2012)

Rylan Clark split the judges on The X Factor 2012 tonight, but managed to make it through to bootcamp.

The 23-year-old from Essex previously appeared on Sky's Signed By Katie Price reality show earlier this year.

But his audition on The X Factor isn't just about fame, with Rylan revealing to the panel that he's always been a bit of a wannabe popstar.

"I’m all about Ibiza to be honest, a bit of a Tulisa kid to be perfectly honest," he said. "I used to be in a boy band in Ibiza a couple of years ago and I was in a Take That tribute band…and a Westlife funnily enough. Double bubble!

"On a Thursday we were Take That and on a Monday we were Westlife, we just used to change the shirts."

Louis quipped: "I love it."

Rylan admitted he was completely "nerve-wrack" before singing Kissing You by Des’ree for the panel.

Louis tried to reassure him: "Rylan, you’ve done a lot of gigs in your life – you shouldn’t be that nervous"

"I know but I’ve been standing outside and I think I got a bit of sun stroke to be honest, I’m a bit fair skinned naturally, this is all fakebake, it’s really affected me, Rita honestly," Rylan explained to guest judge Rita Ora.

Rylan Clark (X Factor 2012)

Rita replied: "You know what, you are really really fun and I want to see what else you got. I’m a Rylan fan."

But Gary told him: "Rylan, love your personality, hate your voice, really strange song choice as well."

Rylan tired to persuade the Take That star: "If I was to go through to Bootcamp I’d make sure I‘d bring something to the table, that you’d be like ‘you know what you can have me blazer’."

Louis is also split, telling Rylan: "I am confused, I really am, I think your interesting, I think your fun, I think you’ve got a great personality, I think your voice is okay, but I’m just a bit worried"

Tulisa is similarly unsure, adding: "I’m an Ibiza girl so I love the fact that you’ve brought a bit of Ibiza to us today, I mean your fun, it is a bit... what’s the word I’m trying to look for…"

When it comes down to the time to make a decision, Rita, Tulisa and Louis all said yes but Gary stuck with a no.

Watch [tag]Rylan Clark[/tag] on The X Factor below...

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