X Factor 2012: James Arthur wins over panel in Newcastle (VIDEO)

James (X Factor 2012)

James Arthur bought his parents together for his audition on The X Factor 2012 tonight.

The 24-year-old, who lives in a London bedsit, revealed: "My mum and dad split up when I was very young, the difficult thing for me was the fact that my mum and my dad didn’t have any sort of relationship for my entire life, I went off the rails especially at school, I used to get suspended, thrown out, I ended up like sleeping rough sometimes, so I volunteered myself into foster care, I didn’t want to be involved in any of the arguing anymore, I just wanted to get away, so initially music was a coping mechanism."

James performed his own song for the judges, and both of his parents have come along to support him.

"The lyrics are so…there’s some deep stuff in there," his mum said before the audition. "There’s times I feel have I don’t enough, did I do enough. He put a lot of his feelings and his emotions and his anxieties into his music."

"Today is the first time my mum and dad have been together in 22 years," James reveals. "I hope I can set myself free from any worry and do the best that I can do."

On stage and James performed his own track mashed up with Tulisa's single Young.

The N-Dubz star was clearly impressed, telling him: "James when you’re up there I just see you get lost in that world, it’s just you, the microphone, the guitar, best audition of the day."

Gary Barlow added: "We sit here all day and we watch lots and lots of people stand on this stage and 99% of those people, I sit there and go okay we need to change this, we need to do that, they need to try this… if anyone dares touch what you do, because it’s so good, you should be very proud today that was a fantastic audition, well done."

Louis gushed: "James you’re a real original and I think from today on, your life is totally going to change."

Finally, new judge Nicole told James: "Now I see why your mum and your dad put their differences aside, I came on this show and people are like why are you coming on this show and I say, because I am looking for an artist who inspires me and that’s exactly what you did today, you inspired me and that’s because you sat on that stage and you bared your soul to us."

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