X Factor 2012: Kye Stones wows guest judge Rita Ora with RIP cover!

Kye Sones (X Factor 2012)

Kye Sones impresses X Factor guest judge Rita Ora on this evening's latest audition show.

The 30-year-old from Middlesex reveals ahead of his audition: "I need a lucky break basically, I’ve been working really hard in music for ten years and played every single toilet club up and down the country.

"I feel like I have to do this, it’s all I’m good at, I’m rubbish at everything else."

On stage and facing the judges, Kye says: "I don’t just want the songs I write to end up on pads of paper around my flat, you know, I wanna be heard"

Kye performs a mash up of Whose going to save the world tonight/RIP by Rita Ora for the panel.

"Kye I think the greatest thing with you is the fact that we’ve not only found a great singer, we’ve also found an artist," Gary Barlow raves. "This is someone who knows exactly how they should sound, what they should be singing, this is extremely exciting."

Tulisa adds: "Kye I could listen to you sing all day long. That is the kind of voice that could sell albums."

Rita meanwhile loved Kye's cover of her own song, telling him: "You made RIP sound so cool man! Can I tell you something….you’re a superstar! You’re an actual superstar!"

Louis adds: "We’re looking for The X Factor and I think we found The X Factor in you."

Tune in to The X Factor 2012 tonight on ITV1 from 7:45PM.

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