One Direction: Zayn Malik blames claims of 'drugs and cheating’ for quitting Twitter

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One Direction star Zayn Malik flounced off Twitter last night, deleting his account amid rumours and claims of him 'cheating' and 'smoking weed'.

Writing on the social networking website last night, where Zayn had over one million followers, the One Direction singer said: "The reason i don't tweet as much as i use to, is because I'm sick of all the useless opinions and hate that i get daily goodbye twitter 🙂

"My fans that have something nice to say can tweet me on the one direction account , 🙂 x"

He then removed his account much to the shock of One Direction's huge army of fans.

The Daily Mirror quote Zayn as blaming his exit on "all the hate" he was receiving when tweeting.

Zayn said: "Don't worry about me, im fine. i just deleted my account because of all the hate i was getting just by tweeting something simple.

"And all the rumours of me smoking weed and cheating. i dont need to read any of that negativity. [sic]"

He added: "I’m just going to focus on the music for now. As long as you guys keep smiling, i will to x"

Zayn's girlfriend, One Direction star Little Mix, deleted her personal Twitter account earlier year for similar reasons.

One Direction are expected to release a new album in the autumn.

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