X Factor 2012 girl group Tae Blondo claim they were 'set up' by producers

The X Factor 2012 judges

X Factor 2012 girl group Tae Blondo have claimed they were set up to have a flop audition by the show's producers.

The trio of girls were briefly seen in Saturday night's opening show as guest judge Mel B went on her rampage.

The Spice Girl told the trio, Beth 22, Holly 23 and Beau 27 from east Sussex: "The dancing was lazy and sloppy, one of you were doing it half heartedly."

But the girls have claimed that producers had told them how to dress and even told them what song to sing.

She told The Sun today: "Mel told us ‘You look like you belong in a Playboy mansion’ and said the song was dated. Yet they were the two things they knew we would do. The producers also asked us to talk about Mel B, then edited it to look as if we were scared."

She added: “They’ve obviously done it to make Mel B live up to her reputation as Scary Spice. It was clearly a set up.”

A spokesperson for The X Factor told the newspaper last night: “Contestants make their own decisions about what to wear and what to sing.”

It follows similar claims by Pink reject Zoe Alexander, who had also suggested she had been told what to sing.

But Richard Holloway, executive producer of the show, explained at last week's launch: “Every act comes with five songs prepared. All the contestants that go in front of the judges are spoken to by the production team, obviously they have to get all the CD tracks, the karaoke tracks or live instruments.

“Whatever they are going to play, the conversation takes place between them and us in terms of what they want to sing and their choices, the final decision in terms of what they are going to sing when they walk onto that stage is 100% theirs.”

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