X Factor 2012: Jade Richards, Melanie McCabe get makeovers for their comebacks!

Jade Richards X Factor

X Factor hopefuls Jade Richards and Melanie McCabe have undergone makeovers for their comebacks on the show.

According to the Daily Record, the pair's auditions are set to be aired in the "coming weeks".

The duo both made the judges' houses stage of the competition last year, with Jade Richards one of the favourites to win.

But Kelly Rowland controversially axed both girls before the live shows.

Undeterred, both Jade and Melanie have returned to try again this year, and with a new look.

A friend at Jade's audition claimed: “She looked totally different. She was still Jade with her tattoos and piercings and that will always be her.

“But she definitely looked a lot more polished than last year, and more like a pop star.

“She looked like she had lost quite a bit of weight.

“Everyone was cheering her because we all thought it was an outrage that she didn’t get through last year."

The source added: “If it was Jade’s image that ended it for her last year, then it won’t be a problem this time round.”

Melanie meanwhile has spoken to the Herald about what will be her third attempt to make the finals.

She said: "I think that they're looking for something different every year. I can only give what I am, if I'm not that, there's nothing I can do.

"But I really hope I have what it takes, it was a good idea to change my image this year, it shows I'm serious."

She added: "My personality came across better this time, I know what I have to be, I'm aware."

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