X Factor 2012: Fans want to buy Ella Henderson's song 'Missed'

Ella Henderson (X Factor 2012)

X Factor fans have been begging to be able to download Ella Henderson's original song 'Missed', following last night's series opener.

16-year-old Ella performed the self-penned track for the judges, explaining how it was inspired by her late grandad.

The song’s lyrics include: “You think you’re missed, the love I felt for you has flown away. And all you see, what you’ve done to me, so all I can ask is why, why, why?

“Oh yeah, you did it on your own now you’ve got to go. Oh no, I won’t let you get me down. You tried to hurt my feelings, you stopped me dreaming, but here I draw the line. I wish you luck in life, and goodbye.”

Ella wowed the panel and sailed through to the next round.

The teenager has already been compared to Adele and is one of the early favourites to win he series.

Many viewers have been asking to be able to download the song, called 'Missed'.

Jessica Mae wrote online: "I would definitely buy [tag]Ella Henderson[/tag]'s album if she made one, her audition was sooooo good."

While Kayleigh Jade added: "Actually want to buy that song Ella Henderson performed on the #Xfactor amazing talent!!"

The track even seemed to convert the more cynical viewers, with Carl Teeder ‏tweeting: "@Ella__Henderson I'm not a fan of sob stories, but that song was Brilliant I'd buy it! Respect to your grandad! Well done girl!

Nicola Jones added: "I want to buy that song that @ella__henderson just sung!!!!!! Such beautiful words that so many people can relate to!"

If Ella does well in the competition we've no doubt we will be seeing the track in the charts soon!

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