The X Factor 2012 auditions: Show One review

Ella Henderson (X Factor 2012)

The holidays are coming to an end, the long sunny days (!!!) are drawing to a close. We grandly celebrated the Queen's Jubilee and cheered on our athletes in the London 2012 Olympics. Time to settle down and get back to normality....

Are you kidding? Not a chance. The X Factor is back. No rest until Christmas and I love it.

To kick off series nine, we were reminded of some of the terrific acts to come out of the Show. Olly Murs, Leona Lewis, oh, and the Biggest Boy Band on the Planet, also a 2010 Midas pick, One Direction. Haven't they done well?

Our first 2012 lamb to the slaughter was Sheyi (the cookie monster tribute act). He got the show off to a lighthearted, if not a bit tongue in cheek, fun start. I think he may have been pulling our leg a bit....

This was followed by a small montage of acts who all got through to bootcamp. None of them, to me, will be Midas acts.

[tag]Jahmene Douglas[/tag], the young guy from Asda we all wanted to man hug, came on next. Very nervy, giggly, but boy can he sing. He did a faultless audition and was a joy to listen too. With confidence, this guy will be very big. One to watch. Trust me.

The lookalikes were out in force in the next round....sadly, no room for Prince and Rod Stewart this time around.

Then arrived [tag]Zoe Alexander[/tag]. She was after her own identity after performing as a tribute act for years. Great, lets give her the chance. What will she sing, something by Maria Carey or Britney Spears perhaps? No. We got a Pink song, 'So What'.


If I'm honest, I thought Zoe's vocal was ok and I have heard her tribute show is very good. Her actions however, after she got four 'no's' was not at all good.

Mel B joined the panel for the second part of the show, and well let's just say she didn't hold back. She was an absolute breath of fresh air. Say it how it is girl. And in some cases it needed saying. Bit harsh on the old guy though. Simon, give Mel a full time job.

One of the lucky ones, [tag]Curtis Golden[/tag], managed to squeeze through to the next round, but not without the wrath of Scary Spice. Lucky the other judges were human that day.

Last up, and hoping not to annoy Mel B was [tag]Ella Henderson[/tag]. Ella sang her own song. It was emotional, it was heart warming and it was brilliant.

If Ella doesn't make the live shows, then the judges need to turn up their hearing aids. Week one and I already have an act on the Midas shortlist.

What a great first episode. If the reality TV world had an Olympics, the X Factor would be the gold medal winner.

Oh, I have just one more thing to say. Louis' hair. Discuss.

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