Aiden Grimshaw backs The X Factor over 'fixed' The Voice UK

Leanne Mitchell wins The Voice UK

Former X Factor finalist Aiden Grimshaw has told budding performers to choose The X Factor over The Voice UK.

Aiden, who was booted out in the live shows of The X Factor back in 2010, claimed that auditions for the rival BBC One series were 'fixed'.

In an interview with the Daily Star Sunday today, the performer suggested: "You couldn't just turn up, so the auditions are a bit fixed.

"X Factor gives people more opportunity. I wouldn't have had a sniff at their [The Voice UK] auditions.

"They'd never have found me at Pizza Hut. I doubt their search extends that far."

However open auditions for The Voice UK will be taking place this autumn for the new series, which is set to air on BBC One in the Spring.