X Factor 2012 judges: 'We didn't tell Zoe Alexander to sing Pink'

Zoe (X Factor 2012)

The X Factor 2012 judges have insisted that Zoe Alexander wasn't told to sing a Pink track.

The 22-year-old had the judges fearing for their safety after a foul mouthed rant when she was rejected.

The Pink tribute act eventually stormed off stage, pushing a cameraman and pulling down parts of the set.

Zoe, from Wales, had claimed that she was told to sing the Pink song, but Tulisa and Louis denied that.

She explained: "Nobody gets told what to sing, it’s their audition at the end of the day. Producers aren’t going to say “you have to sing that song or you’re not going on stage”.

"I think that by looking at the way she [Zoe] was dressed and even the way she was singing when she wasn’t singing the theme song, she was pretty hung up on doing the whole Pink thing. Everything she said was contradictory."

Louis agreed: Totally. She [Zoe] came on the stage looking like Pink and she acting like Pink.

Richard Holloway, executive producer of the show, explained: "Every act comes with five songs prepared. All the contestants that go in front of the judges are spoken to by the production team, obviously they have to get all the CD tracks, the karaoke tracks or live instruments.

"Whatever they are going to play, the conversation takes place between them and us in terms of what they want to sing and their choices, the final decision in terms of what they are going to sing when they walk onto that stage is 100% theirs."

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